L. Zakharova
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L. Zakharova Private Publishing Group is a non-profit organisation

We are an independent institution not affiliated with any university or research institute. That enables us to be fully independent and committed to the impartial neutral approach in publishing our Journals and building the professional network around them. Our Journals are fully independent of the Publisher in their decisions.

The Publisher is completely independent of the Journals in its decisions. We provide only publishing, consulting and infrastructure services to our Journals. We do not, cannot and shall not affect the editorial work, outcome decisions of the Journals, including the review process, under any circumstances.

Our specialists

Our staff and consultants have their background in these areas:

All materials published are licenced according to Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) licence.


General terms of publishing 


If a material is approved for publication in any of our Journals, Publisher's staff can introduce a number of changes to the text, including scientific editing, language improvement, and in the case of texts in Russian, rendering into traditional spelling. The authors are provided with the final version of their text (proofs) for their approval before publication. The publisher is committed to observance of COPE Code of Conduct for Journal Publishers.


We are strongly devoted to promote Open Access approach for the benefit of scientific community. Therefore, we are publishing only Open Access materials available on a constant basis completely free of charge to any individual or institution. We adhere to Budapest Open Access Initiative. All published materials can be further used and freely distributed by the authors and readers of the Journals, provided that a reference to the Journals as original source is given. The Authors retain the full copyright to the texts published in our Journals without restrictions. The Journals are the licensees. They publish the materials provided by the Authors but there is no transfer of copyright.


No pre-prints are available online before the reviewing process outcome is ready.


Accepted papers are published almost immediately after their acceptance by the Editorial Board. The Authors of a published material may quote their work or apply to any grant funding immediately after it has appeared in the Journal website. They may use the text for any purposes, including commercial, without any time embargo after the publication of their paper in the Journal website.


The Authors may use the published text in their other publications in fragments or in full, including the cases of chapters in individual or collective monographs, Internet websites and blogs, including for commercial purposes or advertising, provided that a clear statement is given that the text was originally published in the Journal in question. The Authors are to inform the Editorial Board about any cases of potential conflict of interests arisen from licencing and other legal overlaps and conflicts of rights. 

Editorial ethics and policy

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