Journal scope

Dear colleagues,

The main topics of our Journal are the following:

   ■  ideological apparatus of the state and different social forces;
   ■  ideology in the context of development of society;
   ■  different strategies of using ideology, contemporary and historical;
   ■  all types of propaganda, including media propaganda;
   ■  ideological side of the most urgent social issues, including health crises, climate, energy, and overpopulation;
   ■  role of religions and atheism in social administration;
   ■  ideology in science, ideological construction of scientific knowledge;
   ■  ideological dimension of societal and biological evolution of human;
   ■  politics as an edifice of belief similar to any kind of religion.

In The Beacon: Journal for Studying Ideologies and Mental Dimensions we look forward to studying what makes ideology an effective social force and development factor, as well as how ideologies beget and efface social issues. We are eager to see your contributions to the field.

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