Preparation of
author information

Each manuscript shall be accompanied by a separate file with the additional author information

The separate file with the author information shall contain:

– the title of the manuscript you are enclosing this additional information to;
– full name(s) of the author(s) (family name(s), given name(s), middle name(s) if any);
– author(s) affiliation(s) if any;
– job position(s); If no then please state "An independent researcher";
– scientific degree(s);
– academic rank(s);
– honorary title(s);
– job address(es) if any;
– contact e-mail(s);
– contact phone(s) (not published);
– brief author(s) biography(ies) (up to 200 words each);
– author(s) is (are) also encouraged to submit their photo(s) of at least 600x400 pixels size with resolution of at least 300 dpi (as a separate graphic file); in such a case their photo(s) will appear in the Journal.

Preparation of
a manuscript