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Lyudmila A. Lysenko,                            

PhD (Biology), Leading Scientific Researcher of the Karelian Scientific Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Editor-in-Chief of The Beacon: Journal for Studying Ideologies and Mental Dimensions, Russia

Address: Institute of Biology, Pushkinskaya st 11, Petrozavodsk 185910, Russia


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Published online: 4 June 2018




Quoting (Chicago style): Lysenko, Lyudmila A. 2018. “The Beacon: A new journal for studying ideologies in the multibillion world.” Beacon J Stud Ideol Ment Dimens 1, 010100000.

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The main reasons that led an international team of scholars to publishing journal The Beacon: Journal for Studying Ideologies and Mental Dimensions, are discussed in the article. It is emphasised that in the modern world with eight billion people of population, the ideological means of managing the population, are ultimately changed in comparison with the beginning of the twentieth century and the earlier times. Therefore, the scholars all over the world have to have a venue for discussing the current ideological instruments and apparatuses, as well as their historical evolution. The Beacon journal is concerned with these tasks.

Key words: ideology, social management, social control, international journal, Earth’s population, evolution of human, history of human society, cultural studies

Extended summary in English


In the paper, a necessity in a new journal devoted to studying ideology and ideologies in the modern multibillion world, is discussed.


An idea is advanced that, despite we are all used to believe that the contemporary world has to be free of ideologies and ideological influence, everything is witnessing that for many years to come, we shall see yet increasing and strengthening ideologies fables and ideological influence in every part of the world, with no exceptions. If a downfall of the era of ideologies ever be, we shall not observe it soon.


We have to clearly understand that the world with eight-billion population cannot be treated and managed in the same way as it was done at the beginning of the twentieth century, when it numbered just one billion, and the population growth rate will only increase in the future. Such huge numbers are incredible not just for researchers, but also for governments, political elites, social architects, economic and financial transnational corporations, that is for those actors who directly influence the political and social processes around the world. It is not unexpected, therefore, that ideology and ideological apparatuses are widely used in the modern multibillion world. These apparatuses may be found in every place where the virtual communications are established. With the borders of the states and nations being erased by the omnipresence of Internet and social media, GSM connections and satellite phones, the Earth’s population is transforming not to the set of individuals but to the unified humanity. In 1900 newspapers were as well the main instruments of social management as sources of information. The major London papers were issued thrice a day, but the real rate of ideology spread was much less due to the time they had to spend on border control and on crossing the oceans. Today we are basically not limited by any time delays and impediments. The most powerful computers and the networks with largest bandwidths and lowest ping times allow to disseminate any pieces of information in microseconds. Ideologies may be distributed with an eye blink rate.


In such a situation, there is an urgent need in a new venue for dialogue between academic scholars, men of cloth, and practitioners (politicians, lawyers, business representatives, etc.). Any study of any form of ideology, will be encouraged in The Beacon, political, social, artistic, literary, legal, business, economic, financial, media and so on. Therefore, to investigate the specifics of ideological theory and practice, is a goal for a wide group of authors. Among them, we would greet any researcher that deals with theology, sociology, political studies, philosophy, linguistics, literature, culture and art studies, law, history, employees of commercial companies and legal practitioners, workers of non-profit organisations and social workers, and authors of social projects.


In The Beacon, we are headed towards investigating the most urgent ideological processes of our time, and are convinced that the researchers of different cultures, nations and backgrounds, who are interested in the fate of humanity and homo sapiens, will join our efforts.

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