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The Beacon: Journal for Studying Ideologies and Mental Dimensions

Our Journal is dedicated to studying ideologies in society, culture, politics and science. Ideology contains the art of forming a conscious WE from an otherwise uncorrelated throng controlling it thereby. This is a very essence of ideology aimed at pre-planned development of political platforms, human societies, and a number of cultural traditions and scientific paradigms. In order to achieve this, religious, political, social, economic, business etc. forces use simple and more complex parables and allegories that can be understood by individuals with widely different interests and capabilities. The art of ideological narration has been exceedingly refined since the ancient times to the advent of modern mass media.


We invite academic researchers and practitioners to the collaboration that may advance studies of ideologies to a new level of analysing theoretical, practical and methodological aspects. 



Dr Lyudmila А. Lysenko

We study the following subject matters in the context of ideology
Religious and secular ideologies
Ideologies in politics
"Invented" culture
Ideologies in science
Ideology-driven social management
Ideological side of global crises
Mass media and ideology

The Journal is published since 2018 semiannually (two issues a year), in June and December, with articles published online immediately after their acceptance.
Type of journal: electronic periodical (online and on CDs).
Publisher: L. Zakharova Private Publishing Group

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